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Power Regenerator + Frequency Convertor

Specification and Features

- Maximum Output Power : 300W


- Frequency Conversion Range: 50Hz to 60Hz

  (E.g. 50Hz, 51Hz, 52Hz .............60Hz)

- Two Product Versions Available:


  Input 220V -> Output 117V (US Type Socket) 

  Input 220V -> Output 220V (US Type Socket)


- Net Weight:  17kg

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P3 Power Regenerator is our latest innovated product.  It regenerates the power for your system with two product versions: 117V/220V output voltages, provide additional function for adjusting the frequency range from 50Hz to 60Hz which fit for any countries worldwide.


The Single Hz (e.g. 50, 51, 52........60Hz) adjustment design provides flexibility for fine adjustment of sounding performance. You can select the optimum performance by adjusting the  power frequency which fits in your audio system or environment.  It brings your audio enjoyment to next level.

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